p4est 2.8.6
p4est is a software library for parallel adaptive mesh refinement.
Data Fields
p4est Struct Reference

The p4est forest datatype. More...

#include <p4est.h>

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Data Fields

sc_MPI_Comm mpicomm
 MPI communicator.
int mpisize
 number of MPI processes
int mpirank
 this process's MPI rank
int mpicomm_owned
 flag if communicator is owned
size_t data_size
 size of per-quadrant p.user_data (see p4est_quadrant_t::p4est_quadrant_data::user_data)
void * user_pointer
 convenience pointer for users, never touched by p4est
long revision
 Gets bumped on mesh change.
p4est_topidx_t first_local_tree
 0-based index of first local tree, must be -1 for an empty processor
p4est_topidx_t last_local_tree
 0-based index of last local tree, must be -2 for an empty processor
p4est_locidx_t local_num_quadrants
 number of quadrants on all trees on this processor
p4est_gloidx_t global_num_quadrants
 number of quadrants on all trees on all processors
 first global quadrant index for each process and 1 beyond
 first smallest possible quad for each process and 1 beyond
 connectivity structure, not owned
sc_array_t * trees
 array of all trees
sc_mempool_t * user_data_pool
 memory allocator for user data
sc_mempool_t * quadrant_pool
 memory allocator for temporary quadrants
 algorithmic switches

Detailed Description

The p4est forest datatype.

simple/simple2.c, and steps/p4est_step1.c.

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