p4est  1.1
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Data Fields
p4est_lnodes_rank_t Struct Reference

The structure stored in the sharers array. More...

#include <p4est_lnodes.h>

Data Fields

int rank
sc_array_t shared_nodes
p4est_locidx_t shared_mine_offset
p4est_locidx_t shared_mine_count
p4est_locidx_t owned_offset
p4est_locidx_t owned_count

Detailed Description

The structure stored in the sharers array.

shared_nodes is a sorted array of p4est_locidx_t that indexes into local nodes. The shared_nodes array has a contiguous (or empty) section of nodes owned by the current rank. shared_mine_offset and shared_mine_count identify this section by indexing the shared_nodes array, not the local nodes array. owned_offset and owned_count define the section of local nodes that is owned by the listed rank (the section may be empty). For the current process these coincide with those in p4est_lnodes_t.

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