p4est  1.1
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A hybrid 2D+1D AMR extension. More...


file  p6est.h
 A hybrid 2D+1D AMR extension.
file  p6est_extended.h
 Interface routines with extended capabilities.
file  p6est_ghost.h
 passing columns of layers and data to neighboring processes

Detailed Description

A hybrid 2D+1D AMR extension.

To include this component of the p4est library, configure p4est with the –enable-p6est option given. This module provides a specific kind of anisotropic adaptive mesh refinement for 3D meshes: it organizes the hexahedral cells into columns. Each column has the footprint of a 2D p4est quadrant. The cells within a column can be individually refined vertically, and a whole column of cells can be refined horizontally. When the forest is partitioned, each column is assigned to a single MPI process, i.e., a column cannot be split between processes. Most of the main 2D / 3D interface is available for p6est: refinement and coarsening, balance, ghost layers, and i/o. Finite element nodes can also be created using p6est_lnodes_new(): this creates nodes in the same data structure as p8est_lnodes_new().