p4est  1.1
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The 2D version of the p4est library. More...


file  p4est.h
 The top-level 2D p4est interface.
file  p4est_bits.h
 Routines for manipulating quadrants (neighbors, parents, children, etc.)
file  p4est_connectivity.h
 The coarse topological description of the forest.
file  p4est_extended.h
 Interface routines with extended capabilities.
file  p4est_geometry.h
 transforms from vertex frame to physical space
file  p4est_ghost.h
 passing quadrants and data to neighboring processes
file  p4est_iterate.h
 Iteration over mesh topology via callbacks.
file  p4est_mesh.h
 forest topology in a conventional mesh format
file  p4est_vtk.h
 Routines for printing a forest and associated fields to vtk format.

Detailed Description

The 2D version of the p4est library.