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log priorities

Numbers designating the level of logging output. More...


#define SC_LP_DEFAULT   (-1)
 this selects the SC default threshold
#define SC_LP_ALWAYS   0
 this will log everything
#define SC_LP_TRACE   1
 this will prefix file and line number
#define SC_LP_DEBUG   2
 any information on the internal state
#define SC_LP_VERBOSE   3
 information on conditions, decisions
#define SC_LP_INFO   4
 the main things a function is doing
#define SC_LP_STATISTICS   5
 important for consistency/performance
#define SC_LP_PRODUCTION   6
 a few lines for a major api function
#define SC_LP_ESSENTIAL   7
 this logs a few lines max per program
#define SC_LP_ERROR   8
 this logs errors only
#define SC_LP_SILENT   9
 this never logs anything

Detailed Description

Numbers designating the level of logging output.

Priorities TRACE to VERBOSE are appropriate when all parallel processes contribute log messages. INFO and above must not clutter the output of large parallel runs. STATISTICS can be used for important measurements. PRODUCTION is meant for rudimentary information on the program flow. ESSENTIAL can be used for one-time messages, say at program startup.